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Linnehan Celebration

Many thanks to the 70+ folks who joined us the evening of November 16th for a very special event at the Paramount Plaza Hotel in Gainesville, Florida, as we honored the life work Martina and John Linnehan.

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Video: Celebrating the Linnehans Lifework

You can also find some photos of the event on the right column

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Hampton, FL 32044

Phone: 352-468-3390


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Looking for a Program on Sustainable Living?

An Education Module on Sustainability

Available to your group for presentations and interaction.


'Living Sustainably in the 21st Century -- Our Way into a Just and Peaceful World'

The "good old days" of the 20th century are behind us. The "good new days" of the 21st century are yet to be realized.  The "American Dream" is awakening to the reality of an overburdened planet. World-shaping events are happening at ever increasing speeds. Extreme weather is becoming the norm. Economic systems are not working. Food, energy, education, health costs are going out of sight, and so it continues. No matter why or how, it's a changed world for everyone here in the early years of the third millennium. 

The Sustainable Living Center of North Florida (SLCNF) believes that sustainable living is the responsible and necessary response to the ecological challenges of our new world. Our presentation will inform, motivate and offer suggestions on ways to reduce our environmental impact while increasing our quality of life.

Martina and John X. Linnehan, two of the founding members of FCPJ, offer this program, along with Paul Still, Land/Facilities Manager of the SLCNF.

The length of the program can be one hour, a day, or a weekend, and can be customized to the requirements of your group. Also, the Peace Education Center (PEC) here on site at teh SLCNF is available for any group seeking a “hands-on” experience of sustainable living. 

For more information contact: Paul Still 904-368-0291 or John X at 904-504-1004 or email us at


About the Sustainable Living Center and the FCPJ:

The Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice (FCPJ) as a group holds a common belief that change is possible and that we can be a channel of that change.  We recognize that violence feeds violence. We attempt to bring about harmony and balance in our lives and in our world.

Through its activities at the Sustainable Living Center, FCPJ is working to become a living laboratory which models sustainable living. We strive to be the very change we seek in the world.  Our guideposts include: a fundamental belief in the power of the human creativity to resolve conflicts humanely and justly, an awareness of our need to be tolerant and respectful of each other, and to live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the total community of life.  

FCPJ was founded in 1982 as a network of local groups across the state who shared a commitment to world peace and social justice.  FCPJ attempts to connect the dots between environmental/ecological degradation and the abuse and control of the earth’s resources which bring about racial and economic injustice, war and a dysfunctional social order.  Working together, we can promote a more sustainable, just, humane, and compassionate society through education and action.

Book Your Event at the Sustainable Living Center

The Sustainable Living Center offers meeting Space for Group Events that mirror our values and mission. We are happy to host retreats, seminars or workshops. Ideal for school, church, club, and family functions. We are situated in a quiet green pecan grove.

Facilities include:
* 2.500 sf meeting room
* Fully Air Conditioned;
* Limited WiFi Access

* Wrap-around porch
* Indoor Fireplace
* Campfire Pit
* Seating capacity - 100
* Fully equipped kitchen
* Bathroom with showers
* tent or RV space available (no hookups)
* Reasonably priced motels in Starke and Gainesville;

“The land feeds us, sustains us, and renews us as individuals and as a Community of Peacemakers.”
– FCPJ Revisioning Retreat, Feb 27-29, 2004


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Climate scientists have established 350ppm as the optimum level of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere to sustain human life as we have come to enjoy it. If you want Peace, work for a sustainable climate!

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